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Bemi Lighting has become the premier provider of quality Induction Lighting products, enabling Australian businesses significant savings on bills and maintenance over the long term. We are proud to provide energy-saving lighting solutions with a selection of products designed for both interior and exterior area lighting requirements.

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Lighting for a safer workplace


No more flickering, strobing or noise when you turn on the lights in the morning. When warehouses, manufacturers and retailers need great visibility, induction lighting performs. To keep employees safe and working efficiently, you need lighting t..

The 3 keys to safe and efficient tunnel lighting


In areas where light is restricted, the right lighting is vital to ensure good visibility, adequate illumination, and most importantly, safety. Tunnel lighting must ensure that traffic can safely enter, pass through and exit a tunnel. As ea..

Cost-Saving Technology


No more should lighting produce high energy bills and maintenance costs. Induction technology not only saves up to 70% on ongoing energy bills, but also provides up to 10 years lifespan – meaning it significantly reduces maintenance co..

Want to learn more about induction lighting? Watch our video


How much do you know about Induction Lighting? Our comprehensive video will clue you in on all the benefits and how it works to create a light that is long life, energy-saving and still vibrant. ..

Capitalise on the benefits of sustainable lighting


The installation of Induction lighting promotes a sustainable future. Bemi Lighting does this through Induction Technology, a solution which offers longer life lighting, reduces waste and minimises electricity bills for clients, compared to..

Which street light should you choose?


Bemi Lighting currently offers four models of Induction Street Lights, with different coverage areas and properties that can cater your specific needs. All products have a durable aluminium body that is corrosion, impact and temperature res..

Induction Flood Light


Providing a powerfully large amount of light with a single lamp, Bemi Lighting’s Induction Flood Lights ( are an inexpensive and versatile lighting option. Their broad-beamed, high-inten..

Induction Technology is the ideal lighting solution


At Bemi Lighting, we specialise in providing affordable lighting solutions designed appropriately for every type of environment. Unlike other lighting alternatives, our products are developed with intelligently engineered Induction technolog..

Induction High Bay Lights


At Bemi Lighting we endeavour to meet the specific needs of our customers. To do this we have a dedicated team whose purpose is to design faultless lights specifically for large spaces and buildings. We have a large range of products including ..

The industry energy saving secret: induction lighting


Operating on advanced science and technology, induction lamps are a superior lighting alternative that will save businesses up to 70% in their overall lighting costs. At Bemi Lighting, our induction technology products easily surpass the ordina..

Bemi Lighting : platinum sponsor at the 2013 Australian Lighting Summit


Bemi Lighting was platinum sponsor at the 2013 Australian Lighting Summit (, held in Melbourne on the 5-6 August 2013. Industry and government groups herd from a range of smart lighting specialist about t..